STAND is an Awareness & Pledge Campaign for Community Empowerment that aims to bring awareness and advocacy to people all around the world about the issue of abuse in all its various forms….WILL YOU STAND WITH US?

WHY do we STAND?

We STAND to FIGHT against abduction, abuse, trafficking and exploitation of ALL individuals.


YOU can STAND! We encourage you to participate by getting your local school community group / organization, church, business, fraternity, sorority, PTAs, college / university signed up to be an ambassador-partner for our STAND! campaign.

HOW can YOU get Involved with STAND?

Fill out the form below on the “Our Programs” page of our website and a member of our Known As Monique foundation team will contact you within 24 – 48 hours to provide you with more information and details on how you to recruit volunteers, secure a venue, get pledges and accept donations as you host the STAND! awareness & pledge campaign against abuse.



The primary purpose for THEY CARE is to establish healthy communications between children, parents and childcare providers, and to educate childcare providers (and parents) on ways to introduce safety strategies and responsibility to children without instilling fear.

In today’s society, it is all too common to turn on the news or see an article describing a child who has gone missing. We see posters, news reports and even community announcements, asking for help in trying to locate a missing child. Many times, too many times, children who are abducted are not found in good health or even alive. The harsh reality is, sadly, many children become victims and statistics at the hands of someone who is familiar to them or at least, familiar to the parents, siblings or other relatives.

In hindsight, many of the devious actions of others could have been stopped by better observation, conscious awareness of surroundings (including the people in those surroundings), and a child being taught how to resist a situation and raise attention, when they sense that something is wrong. Children are only going to know what they are taught. Safety measures should be at the forefront of their formative years. We teach them how to cross a street safely, or how to stay away from a hot stove surface, but are they being taught how to recognize people? Are they being trained at an early age how to know when they are in a setting in which they don’t belong? Has anyone ever taught to teach a child code words or signals that would alarm someone else if there’s a problem?

As we know, a child can be trusting to anyone who shows them attention, speaks in a particular tone and offers them gifts (like candy or a toy). Predators come from all walks of life, and their motives are not always clear, at first. But the one fact that has always come out in the end is this: Predators don’t care about the child’s safety at all!!

While we won’t try to chase the psychological answers for a predator’s motives, we will make efforts to build the child’s safety knowledge, as well as teaching parents and childcare providers how to see the signs, who to contact and how to be an advocate for the child involved in a crisis.

Are you interested in having a member of our team come to speak to your daycare / child care center staff? Want more information on our They Care program? Fill out the form below on the “Our Programs” page of our website and a member of our Known As Monique foundation team will contact you within 24 – 48 hours to provide you more information and details.



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