School Bus Stop Safety Against Child Predators

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Be Aware & Be Alert: Child Predators shouldn’t be the only adults who watch out for children at school bus stops!

Below are some very good school bus stop safety tips (from’s website) for you to help keep your child safe and reduce the risk of your child being abducted by a child predator during your child’s normal routine of walking to and from the school bus stop (or their walk directly to/from school by foot). Please review these tips and then have a safety conversation with your child(ren) — it’s important to be proactive!

School Bus Stop Safety for Your Children

1. Parents should ensure that if possible, an adult waits with children at school bus stops (not always possible with one-parent families or where both parents work), but something could be worked out with all parents of children at the bus stop to be there on a rotating basis.

2. Know the path your child takes to and from home to the school bus stop.

3. Tell your children to avoid short cuts through woods, alleys, parks, or other areas where they could be alone.

4. Identify safe houses along the way that your child could run to or into for help if needed.

5. Insure your child does not have his or her name on a backpack, etc., as this would enable a potential abductor to call out to the child by name.

6. If children feels concerned for their safety, they should always tell their parents and the bus driver of any such concern.

7. If approached on the way to or from the bus stop or at the bus stop, tell your parents, the bus driver and school officials.

8. Report any suspicious vehicle. Write down the license number and provide it to school and law enforcement officials.

9. Stand away from any vehicle that stops near the bus stop and do not allow yourself to come close to or enter the vehicle of someone you don’t want to.

10. Run from anyone displaying a weapon. Do this while throwing books, yelling and making as much noise as you can. Under no circumstances go with an abductor. Kick, bite, and no matter what the threat, do not go along with your kidnapper. Once he takes you away, your chances of survival greatly diminish.

** Do you have any school bus safety tips that you have implemented with your children that are not on the list above? Please share your tips, ideas, and suggestions by leaving a comment to this post below.  Your tip could be very helpful to another parent or caregiver reading this post.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and we look forward to your responses about school bus stop safety against child predators.


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  1. Geoffrey Webster Posted on May 21, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    Thank you for your tips. They seem very reasonable. One technique that I’ve heard of is something of a filler between getting away and being abducted and that is falling to the ground grabbing onto the feet or other and screaming. Just a thought.


  2. KnownAsMonique Posted on May 22, 2013 at 1:43 am

    Hi Geoffrey, Thank you very much for sharing this tip. Anything that we can teach our children to bring attention to themselves when they are in dangerous situations is helpful. Thanks again for your feedback.

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