Child Abductions and Missing Persons is a BIG problem with a need for strategic solutions.

Together, WE can greatly reduce the number of people who go missing in America.

Whether a child is missing, abducted (by a family member or non-family member), or one of the thousands of runaway kids that society has abandoned, we firmly believe that every missing child (or adult) has a right to be found! We provide assistance and advocacy for the families of the missing or lost and education, search assistance, and support to parents, educators, investigators, social workers, and law enforcement personnel.


Here’s how the Known As Monique Foundation is working to reduce the number of child abductions and missing persons in America:



We are dedicated to helping to increase awareness about missing and exploited children and adults via both online and off-line distribution methods, and we advocate for prevention measures and laws to help in the search for the missing.






We educate and empower parents, caregivers, educators, social workers, and law enforcement personnel on child abduction prevention, child saftety and protection, and steps to take if your child becomes missing, abducted, or is a runaway.






During the most difficult event of their lives, we provide support to families of the missing by providing search party assistance, information and guidance on how to navigate the process of law enforcement agencies, and support groups to families once the search party has ended but the hope for the safe return of their missing loved one still burns bright.