Help us reach out to policy makers to promote awareness and prompt action at the local, state, and national levels to help reduce the number of missing & abducted children, and to support laws to that will help put more protections in place for the safety of children and that permit the use of sound practices and technology for prompt responsive by law enforcement personnel to aid in the recovery of missng children and adults.


It’s easy to share the Known As Monique Foundation with your friends and family. Please tell them what we’re doing to address the plight of missing persons in America, and why it’s so very important. Every missing person deserves the right to be found!


Put your time and talents to good use for The KAM Team (Known As Monique). We have opportunities for every skill and interest – your participation in helping our efforts is greatly appreciated. Volunteers are needed to help with administrative assistance in carrying out our mission of helping to locate missing persons and providing support to their families, organizing outreach programs, coordinating search team parties, fundraising, and much more.

Here’s an easy, great idea on how you can help us: Turn your birthday or special event into a fundraiser for the Known As Monique Foundation


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    We are currently seeking financial sponsorship or in-kind donations for the following items

    • Software program for storing and tracking missing persons alerts – KAM would like to host its own directory for the state of MD, Washington, DC, and Virginia
    • A laminating machine – to be used for KAM child identity cards
    • Color printing of marketing materials about our foundation, our program pamphlets, etc. to be used to distribute when we are out in the community building awareness and delivering prevention and educational program.
    • In-Kind donations of items that can be included in a silent auction fundraiser for our foundation
    • Any promotional items that your company may have that you wish to donate that could be included in our welcome pack for our volunteers or as give-aways for our events
    • Please contact the foundation directly at 443-277-5507 or via email at if you are willing to fulfill a request from the list above. Your generosity and support is greatly appreciated!

    Demonstrate good Corporate Citizenship by being a KAM Sponsor-Partner


    The Known As Monique Foundation is eager to work with you to develop a relationship that would be mutually beneficial in terms of sponsorship, advertising, and the promoting of your product and services to the tens of thousands of visitors to our web site and social media platforms, and through our ongoing awareness programs, seminars, and events.


    Please consider one of the following corporate sponsorship levels:
    $   500                $1,000
    $1,500                $2,500
    $5,000              $10,000

    To request more information about our corporate sponsorship program, please fill out the form below & a member of our team will contact you in 24 – 48 hours:

    Every 40 seconds, a child goes missing in the United States

    Every gift helps us to reduce the number of missing and abducted children through our prevention programs and provides us the resources to organize search efforts to reunite the missing with their families. There are 3 easy ways to GIVE to support our cause:
    1) On-Line: make online donations below
    2) By Mail: make check payable to “Known As Monique” & mail to 300 W. 23rd St. Baltimore, MD 21211
    3) By Phone: call 443-277-5507


    Any Amount

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    The Known As Monique Foundation is working everyday to reduce the number of missing and abducted children and adults. And there’s a powerful way that you can help: Join our monthly giving club, The KAM Partner Club

    As a member of the KAM Partner Club, you will provide consistent, reliable funding that allows us to dedicate more resources to child safety and abduction prevention and helping families locate their missing loved ones. Please join today.

    To show our appreciation for your generous and steady support as a KAM Partner Club member, we’ll send you a special gift pack filled with items that will remind you of your steadfast commitment to help missing persons all year long.

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